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Your HR 911


Your HR 9-1-1 Help Desk

Level 1

  • Your HR 9-1-1 is for those unexpected questions that require immediate attention where the unintended consequences of inaction and missteps can prove to be very costly.
    What you don’t know can hurt you!
  • A place to turn when you are not sure of what to do next
  • Advice and counsel on an occasional basis

    • A place to turn to when you do not know exactly what to do for guidance, advice and counsel
    • You will be assigned your own HR professional to review your HR issue
    • The advice will be reviewed with an employment attorney to be sure it conforms with appropriate legal authority.

    • Answering questions such as:

        • Mary is yelling at Joe. What should I do?
        • Do I have to pay overtime?
        • One of my employees wants to take a leave of absence. Do I have to grant this?
        • How do I set up my personnel files to be in compliance?
        • How do I decide on and communicate my dress policy?
        • How should I calculate vacation days?
        • How do I legally fire someone?
        • How do I avoid my employees getting the company into a sexual harassment bind?

Your HR Solutions – Taking Care of the Basics

Level 2

  • Handling the Basics First
  • Understanding your vulnerability and exposure
  • Managing your HR Health

  1. Your HR Audit
    • On-line
    • A thorough analysis of your HR practices
    • Reviewed by a skilled HR professional
    • Reviewed by an accomplished employment attorney

  3. Company Manual and Employee Handbook
    • Customized to your business
    • Up to date policies depending on the size of your company and the state in which you practice

  5. Enrollment in HR Out of the Box
    • 200 + articles, documents and policies on topics on how to hire, train and retain your employees around S.O.A.R.© (see Level 3 for full details)
    • A Human Resource library all in one place
    • Discounts on Job Descriptions

  7. Your HR 9-1-1 Help Desk
    • A place to turn to when you do not know exactly what to do for guidance, advice and counsel
    • You will be assigned your own HR professional to review your HR issue
    • The advice will be reviewed with an employment attorney to be sure it conforms with appropriate legal authority
    • You will receive 12 (twelve) response calls per year as a part of the package for a total time of 4 hours. More may be purchased if you require.

  9. Monthly newsletter on HR practices and Legal issues to keep you up to date

  11. Discounts on Your Company University with over 2,300 on-line courses in areas such as; Leadership, Communications, Legal Compliance, Project Management, Sales, Management, Finance, Desktop Computing Skills, IT professional courses, and Safety

  13. Discounts on Profiles International behavioral assessments

Your HR Solutions - Establishing the Fundamentals

Level 3

  • Taking the Next Step
  • A personal analysis of each of your HR practices
  • Developing the Action Plan for the future

  1. We will come to your site and scrutinize your current policies and practices;


    • Interview your key people;
    • Conduct a review of your files to ensure they are organized in the proper and lawful manner and make recommendations, as appropriate;
    • Conduct a complete review of your programs and approaches to business;
    • Listen to the issues that you face.

  3. Develop an action plan for your future around S.O.A.R


    1. Selection, Hiring and Recruiting Practices – Placing the Right Person in the Right Job
      • Job Descriptions
        • Do you have a job description written for each position? Do you have the proper and basic building blocks built for every HR program?
      • Sourcing Strategies
        • Do you know how to find the right applicants for your jobs? Are you looking and sourcing both internally and externally for candidates?
      • Applicant Management and Tracking
        • Do you know how to manage the flow of people you are considering for employment?
      • Interviewing
        • Are you and your supervisors conducting a behaviorally structured interview? Do you script your interviews based on your job descriptions? Are your interviews legally compliant?
      • Pre-employment screening and testing
        • Do you conduct the appropriate technical and behavioral tests to determine if each applicant is the right fit for your organization?
      • Compensation practices
        • How appropriate are your salary, bonus, rewards and benefit programs to meet the demands of your marketplace and your people? Is it both fair and equitable? Is it easy to manage? Do your people know what the rewards will be when they do things right?
      • Background checking
        • Do you verify that what the applicant says is accurate?
      • Legal Hiring practices
        • Are you properly completing all the paperwork you need to prepare when a new employee joins your team?

    3. Orientation practices - Learning the Essentials of the Position
      • On-boarding program
        • Are you getting your new employees acquainted with your organization’s policies and procedures so they quickly feel a part of your team?
      • Basic skills and behavioral training
        • What is your plan to train your new employees so they can do their jobs properly and best serve your customers? Do you have a customized learning checklist?

    5. Assimilation practices - Developing Each Person into a Member of the Team
      • Performance Management
        • Do you have an annual performance discussion and review with each of your employees to determine their past results and future objectives? Do you have a plan to review the performance of your new employees and set them on the right path?
      • Team Building
        • How are you working with each employee to create a team? Does your leadership know how to properly build a team that functions at peak productivity?
      • Customer Service
        • What are your current customer service perspectives? What could you do to improve customer service to your customers? Are you surveying your customers to determine what they think?
      • On-going employee training and development; seminars, on-line courses
        • What is the learning plan for each employee based on his/her strengths and development needs? Do you conduct sexual harassment training and other legal compliance training for your employees? Are your employees aware of what they need to know?

    7. Retention practices - Keeping and Recognizing our Best People
      • Business planning
        • Have you constructed a business plan for the future of your business? Short-term? Mid-term? Long-term?
      • Communications programs
        • How are you consistently communicating with your employees? What is working now? What needs to change?
      • Employee Engagement surveys
        • Do you know to what degree your employees are engaged in your business and satisfied with their employment? Do you measure their satisfaction with you each year?
      • Award and recognition programs
        • How do you appreciate, thank, recognize and reward your employees for a job well done?
      • Employee Relations and Discipline
        • What are your current practices when things are not going well with an employee? What are your disciplinary procedures? How do you manage employee complaints and issues?
      • Leadership and management development
        • Do you have an effective plan for building the leadership skills and knowledge for you and your management team?
      • Succession planning
        • Do you have a plan to replace your key people in case they are no longer working for the organization? In case of retirement or death?
      • Organizational structure review
        • Do you have an appropriate reporting structure to manage your future growth? Do you have a contingency plan so that your organization will continue even after some of your key people leave?

Your HR Solutions – Creating your Human Resource System

Level 4

  • Taking your business to the next level through your people
  • Your part-time out-sourced HR department.

  • We become your part-time Chief People Officer. We are your out-sourced HR department. We will work with you to build your HR systems based on your business plan and the goals that you set.

  • We will meet with you once or twice each month depending upon the level of effort and results you wish to achieve.

  • The range of activities could include any component of the S.O.A.R. © process.

  • Full scope of the relationship to be discussed and to include specific objectives and outcomes.

  • This is a comprehensive consulting assignment. Additional resources from the outside may be called upon to augment the services we provide. These may have costs associated with them and we will fully discuss those additional costs and fees before they are incurred.


Your HR Audit


What is an HR Audit?


  • The purpose of conducting a Human Resources audit is to evaluate your company’s existing HR policies and procedures and to identify opportunities for improvement. The audit helps to establish where you are doing well today and where there is potential trouble in the future. It is a systematic analysis of where you currently stand in your human resources practices while ensuring that government laws, regulations and company policies are being followed. Please note: this audit and its findings are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to be legal advice. While this audit and the advice that it provides will be reviewed by a qualified employment attorney who is a part of our staff, we are not providing formal legal advice to you. You will need to have your own qualified employment attorney review this document.


Why do an Audit?


  • To be sure that the people who work for you are being appropriately utilized.
  • To review your compliance with a myriad of administrative and governmental rules and regulations that are changing all too often.
  • To instill a sense of confidence in management and the human resources function that it is well managed and prepared to meet potential challenges.
  • To maintain or enhance the organization’s and the department’s reputation in the community that it is compliant with the federal and state.
  • To perform a "due diligence" review for shareholders or potential investors/owners so that their investment is properly protected from an HR viewpoint.
  • To be sure that the people who work at your organization are treated fairly and with respect; that information is communicated appropriately to all who should know.


What does a full HR Audit include?


  • Legal compliance to existing state and federal laws
  • Compensation/Salary Administration
  • Employment/Recruiting
  • Orientation
  • Terminations
  • Training and Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Communications
  • Files/Record Maintenance/Technology
  • Policies and procedures (including employee handbook)
  • Communications
  • Performance Management


HR Out of the Box

Hiring and managing your people can take a lot of time and energy. This site is an on-line human resource platform and system created to increase productivity, better engage employees in the business, create individualized learning opportunities, and involve everyone in making the business just a little bit better.

There are several important reasons why you should consider using Your HR Solutions Human Resource process:

  • Each part is linked to every other part - You don't have to reinvent the wheel when you go from one part to another. They are all linked together.
  • The process is industry specific. Most job descriptions are bland useless words that have little impact in the real world. This was created with industry experts - the men and women who work on these jobs every day. They have told us what they do and that knowledge is available to you now. It is just common sense to tell your employees what they have to do in terms that they can understand so they can do the job your customers expect of your company.
  • You will have your own job site within "HR Out of the Box". Here you can tailor, modify, and change the industry standards to the way you do business in your home town. The job description - which describes the job exactly - then links to the learning checklist - which trains the person to do the job the right way - which automatically creates the performance and development plan - which helps you and your employee discuss how they are doing on the job based on what the job description told them they had to do - both praise their work and correct their mistakes where it is appropriate.
  • It is all on the Internet. It is there 24 hours a day; 7 days a week whenever you want it. It combines high-quality HR tools with any time, any place access interactivity.
  • The site is set up to make it easy to work. The help screens are written in English … not technological "globbly-de-gook" or computer jargon. It will walk you through the process one step at a time.


We want to make the whole human resource process simple to work. We want to make it easy to understand. We want to allow your people to work more effectively and more efficiently. That is why this site has been developed.


We are proud to introduce this new platform for human resources.
There are 3 major components of the site:


Job Descriptions (JD) – industry specific descriptions of what a person is supposed to do on the job… not only the tasks to be accomplished, but also the standards and measurements of how that is suppose to happen. Click Here to see sample.


Learning Checklists (LCL) tells the employee exactly what they are supposed to know to do their job. The content is directly linked to the job description so that people know precisely what they have to learn to do the job correctly. This training outline is organized to deliver the most effective orientation to the job. The LCL is a job specific training process that helps your employee learn the details of how to do their job in the most effective and efficient manner. Click Here to see a sample.


The Performance and Development Plans (PDP) – These very useful performance discussions are now available based on what the Job Description said and what the Learning Checklist told them they had to learn. It is intended to be a performance dialogue system and is designed to take the “pain” out of the appraisal. This process reduces the normal stress that comes with a “review” or an “appraisal”. Instead both you and your employee together create a plan for improved employee performance and a plan for their development – a mutual performance and development plan. In fact, it makes it easier to talk with your people about how they are doing, because it is so clear about what needs to be done. Click Here to see a sample.


Technology does not have to be hard, but as with anything that is new and different, it is not always obvious what you have to do. At Your HR Solutions we want to make this friendly and useful. We will walk you through each step of the way to be sure you know what you have to do.


Your Company University



Profiles International

Our human resource management system is designed for executives, managers and human resource professionals who want to select the right employee for the job, retain them, enhance their performance and build their leadership skills.


The Profiles International selection of employee assessment tools includes:
  • Pre employment screening including integrity, work ethic and
  • Pre employment background checks
  • Employee recruitment, selection, training, coaching and
    development assessments
  • Sales recruitment and sales training
  • Customer service training, skill development and selection
  • Management leadership development and training
  • Employee personality assessment
  • Team building and analysis
  • 360 degree evaluation for employee performance reviews
  • Organization 360 degree analysis


More than 35,000 companies rely on Profiles International's employee assessments for selection, coaching and maximizing human capital. The more you know about your people, the better you can impact your top and bottom lines.


Our Online Assessment Center offers you online human resource software capability with instant results in a user-friendly system. We can have you set up immediately, trained today and assessing candidates and employees tomorrow. In depth, face-to-face training is also available.