What is an HR Audit?

The purpose of conducting a Human Resources audit is to evaluate your company's existing HR policies and procedures and to identify opportunities for improvement. The audit helps to establish where you are doing well today and where there is potential trouble in the future. It is a systematic analysis of where you currently stand in your human resources practices while ensuring that government laws, regulations and company policies are being followed. Please note: this audit and its findings are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to be legal advice. While this audit and the advice that it provides will be reviewed by a qualified employment attorney who is a part of our staff, we are not providing formal legal advice to you. You will need to have your own qualified employment attorney review this document.

Why do an Audit?
  • To be sure that the people who work for you are being appropriately utilized.
  • To review your compliance with a myriad of administrative and governmental rules and regulations that are changing all too often.
  • To instill a sense of confidence in management and the human resources function that it is well managed and prepared to meet potential challenges.
  • To maintain or enhance the organization's and the department's reputation in the community that it is compliant with the federal and state.
  • To perform a "due diligence" review for shareholders or potential investors/owners so that their investment is properly protected from an HR viewpoint.
  • To be sure that the people who work at your organization are treated fairly and with respect; that information is communicated appropriately to all who should know.
  • See a brief sample of the Audit Report. Where it is green you are good. Where it is red you may be vulnerable.